Medical Reform Initiative

Mission Statement

Our healthcare system has been deemed in need of fundamental repair by patients and physicians alike.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has promised reforms on many levels, but premiums are rising and hospitals are closing. Access to standard medical care remains out of the reach for many while administrative hassles have increased, and insurance companies continue to reap record-breaking profits.

The PPACA emphasized increased coverage, but not universal access because it fails to address basic problems such as continued insurance abuses, physician shortages, and inadequate reimbursement.

As a citizen, physician, and occasional patient I am setting forth a proposal for a combined fee for service/single payer system, precluding the need for third party insurance companies that charge high premiums and do not provide adequate coverage.

The most effective way to finance healthcare in this country would be through a system in which everyone pays into and obtains coverage from a national health care fund similar to Medicare. This fund would provide for all care with the exception of routine office visits which would be paid out-of-pocket by patients with funded clinics meeting the routine healthcare needs of the indigent.

What is proposed here are not a fixed set of principles but rather ideas and suggestions that should evolve and expand as they are implemented.

Talking Points

  • Universal coverage
  • More efficient delivery of healthcare
  • Cost-effective practice of medicine
  • Economic stimulus through healthcare reform
  • Renewed ethical treatment of patients
  • A healthier food supply
  • Physician shortage
  • Illegal immigration
  • Visitors’ abuse
  • Malpractice reform